How to Create Custom Jewelry from Heirlooms

Transforming Treasured Heirlooms with Katie Wood Jewelry

Welcome to Katie Wood Jewelry, located in Greencastle, IN. For over seven years, I’ve specialized in transforming family heirlooms into unique and contemporary pieces of jewelry. This isn’t just a business; it’s a passion. I love helping clients turn family memories into beautiful, modern jewelry that they can wear every day. My customers value having a tangible connection to their past, especially when it involves something that might have been forgotten or unused.

The Beauty of Custom Jewelry from Heirlooms

  1. Emotional Connection: Wearing a piece of jewelry that’s been in your family for generations brings a special kind of joy. It’s like carrying a part of your loved ones with you wherever you go.
  2. Sustainability: Repurposing keepsakes, silverware, or even military medals is a wonderful way to honor the past and celebrate your family.
  3. Unique Designs: Every piece I create is one-of-a-kind. By combining your heirloom with contemporary designs, we can create something truly unique and personal.

The Transformation Process

Creating custom jewelry from heirlooms is a collaborative and personal experience. Here’s how we do it at Katie Wood Jewelry:

  1. Consultation:
    • Initial Meeting: We start with a conversation about your heirloom and your vision for its transformation. This helps me understand the sentimental value and your style preferences. This meeting can be held in person or online.
    • Design Ideas: Together, we brainstorm design possibilities that honor the original heirloom while making it something you’ll love to wear.
  1. Transformation:
    • Expert Craftsmanship: With careful attention to detail, I’ll transform your heirloom into a stunning piece of jewelry.
    • Materials: Any chains or earring wires will be sterling silver. We will discuss all this during the design process.
  1. Final Touches:
    • Polishing: The final piece is polished to perfection, ensuring it’s ready to be worn and cherished.
    • Presentation: All new modern heirloom jewelry is presented in a black suede jewelry bag or black box, perfect for a gift.

Real Stories of Heirloom Transformations

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many wonderful clients who’ve shared their stories with me. Here are a couple of memorable transformations:

  • Kim’s Tea Set: Kim entrusted me with her mother’s silver tea set. She was going to a family reunion and wanted all the women in the family to have a necklace made from the set. Now, they wear a piece of the tea set as a one-of-a-kind bar necklace, reminding them of their shared family memories.
  • Joseph’s Eyeglasses: Joseph’s widow had four pairs of glasses she did not want to part with but didn’t know what to do with them either. After some brainstorming, I turned them into delicate bracelet sets for their three kids. Now, they all can wear their father’s memory as a contemporary, unique piece of jewelry.

Let's Get Started

If you have an heirloom that you’d like to transform into a unique piece of jewelry, I’d love to help. Contact me at Katie Wood Jewelry to schedule a time we can talk. Let’s create something beautiful and meaningful together.

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